Saturday, April 26, 2014

New and Selected Texts to My Son

Over two years in the making, soon the complete texts to my son will be officially published. Until then, we are making this selection available.

Where are you?
(Thu, Nov 17, 4:32)

Going to pick you up in a minute.
(Sat, Nov 21, 10:22)

Where are you?
(Sat, Nov 21, 10:31)

I'm in the Lucky 7 parking lot. I can see you from here.
(Sat, Nov 21, 10:33)

On my way
(Tues, Dec 3, 5:12)

On my way
(Thurs, Dec 5, 6:08)

Check the fridge if we have dijon mustard.
(Sat, Jan 4, 11:08)

no, the brown one
(Sat, Jan 4, 11:09)

Where are you?
(Fri, Jan 17, 7:20)

I'm going to pick you up in minute. Where's Molly's house?
(Tues, Jan 23, 6:18)

On my way
(Sat, Feb 4, 8:54)

(Tues, Feb 8, 3:56)

Why didn't you tell me my shirt was on backwards?
(Mon, Feb 17, 2:18)

Where are you?
(Thurs, Feb 20, 5:43)

You forgot your lunch. Where do I have to bring it?
(Mon, Feb 25, 8:23)

You guys awake yet?
(Sun, Mar 12, 10:58)

Hey, you guys conscious?
(Sun, Mar 12, 11:07)

Are you guys still alive?
(Sun, Mar 12, 11:23)

On my way
(Wed, Mar 22, 5:40)

Call your mom. She thinks you have meningitis.
(Mon, Mar 30, 5:17)

Which house is Seamus's? I'm outside
(Fri, Apr 3, 11:10)

where are you
(Thurs, Apr 12, 6:11)

I'm here. Come on.
(Fri, Apr 13, 10:42)

No, don't brush his teeth.
(Mon, Apr 19, 4:33)

Dogs don't get cavities anyway.
(Mon, Apr 19, 4:34)

They don't live long enough.
(Mon, Apr 19, 3:35)

Don't know. About 12 yrs.
(Mon, Apr 19, 4:36)

Are you at his mother's house or his father's?
(Tues, Apr 20, 5:34)

I'm waiting. Let's GO!!!
(Thurs, Apr 22, 6:15)

No. Seems over the top to me to pay $8 to download a graphic novel you already own just because your bus doesn't leave for another 15 minutes and you're bored. Can't you just play Angry Birds instead?
(Mon, Apr 25, 3:21)

Where are you?
(Wed, Apr 27, 5:18)

No sushi. I'm getting hot dogs.
(Thurs, Apr 28, 6:07)

Where are you?
(Fri, Apr 29, 10:24)

On my way
(Fri, Apr 29, 10:25)

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