Friday, September 11, 2009

Best reason yet to drink whisky

If you thought Wes Anderson's Amex spot was impressive, check out this Johnny Walker ad. Joins Touch of Evil and Goodfellas in the single-take hall of fame.


  1. Animal handler? Missed that....

  2. Dude... commenting is cumbersome. Might want to adjust your preferences.

  3. Some of the right screen is lost, so you miss some of the details. The way the bull turns its head as the guy walks by is more noticeable with the full screen.

    I don't understand the "comment" comment.

  4. If you go into the HTML section of your post, you can look for the height & width numbers of the YouTube code. Just change the numbers and it will fit in the alotted space. You might have to do a little back and forth to get it just right, but I usually just lop about 100 off of the width and it works fine.

    I didn't get the comment comment either, but he might be referring to making the comments "pop up" in another window so it doesn't effect the page he's watching. Just a guess. You can change that in Blogger's Comments Preferences.

    Enjoyed the Kubrick stuff, too.